Burials Index

The Burials Index lists the names, dates of death, and ages at death (when given), 
of individuals recorded in the monumental inscriptions transcribed by the HFHS.
The booklets for each burial ground referred to in this index, which record the full inscriptions, 
can be bought from the society as described on the Obtaining Publications page.

The index entries are sorted by surname, then forename, then date of death.
Please note that when an individual appears on a stone with a date that does 
not or may not refer to his or her death, xx is inserted in the Age column. 
Where the date of death is given, but no age, the Age column is blank.

An entry of the form RB999 refers to the handwritten Rosemarkie Burial Register.
This was compiled by the Session Clerks and the Society has a copy.

The pages of the index are sorted by surname, so to begin searching please
click on the first letter or two letters of the surname you are looking for.

Please note that all Mac/Mc names have been indexed as Mac.

The links below open PDFs, so you'll need Adobe or another Reader to access them.

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